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Why should I buy the book?

Would you believe I’ve been working on this book for over 15 years. That’s when I wrote my first “Dispatch from Disneyland” for a USENET group about Disneyland. Since then, I’ve written tens of thousands of stories and articles about the company Walt Disney created, with most of them finding a home on The Disney Blog. If you’ve enjoyed my blog posts, videos, and other content, and want to help me continue improving The Disney Blog community this is a great way to do that.

The book was written to give fans of the park a way to revisit the magic for those days when they aren’t able to visit the park themselves. The stories, fun facts, and trivia each highlight a different emotional moment visitors to the park may experience themselves.

00-teacupsWasn’t this book funded in Kickstarter? Why do I have to pay?

If you were a supporter of the project on Kickerstarter, thank you. Check your email for a special message regarding delivery of your copy of the book. If you do not see anything, please drop me an email. If you were not a sponsor of the Kickstarter project, I hope you’ll buy the book for all the reasons listed above.

Can I give it as a gift?

Yes. Amazon allows you to gift both the printed and Kindle editions of the book.

Is the book available in any other format?

When “Dispatch from Disneyland” was first released there was a special edition PDF version. However, that is no longer available for purchase. If you want a digital version, you may prefer the Kindle version available from Amazon.com store.

Don’t find the answer to your question above? Drop me an email and I’ll be happy to help.

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