First Review Is In


Many thanks to Bryan Pugh at the fantastic DisneylandLive website for posting the very first posted review of “Dispatch from Disneyland.” He definitely caught on to how I intended the book to be a way to quickly escape into that magic you feel at Disneyland, even when you only have a few moments of downtime. Bryan’s website features an amazing collection of Disneyland photographs that he has licensed for non-commercial use (with attribution) via a creative commons license. Definitely go check them out.

There was actually a second review this week. My friends at recommended the book to the listeners of their podcast. Like their amazing website, the LPP covers subjects ranging across the wide world of Disney. It features four very knowledgeable hosts and the sort of witty banter that makes the long podcast entertaining throughout. I only wish they did them more often.

Finally, guess what arrived! The first printed editions of the book. If you were a Kickstarter supporter, please make sure I have your shipping address (check your email in Mid-Feb for instructions), so I can fulfill your rewards level.