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Dispatch from Disneyland now exclusively on Amazon

walts-place-memeFor the 2015 holiday season we’re proud to announce that “Dispatch from Disneyland – Stories and Essays from the Happiest Place on Earth” is available exclusively on You’re now able to purchase the book in print for less than $10, on Kindle for less than $5, or even read the book for free as part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program for Amazon Prime members.

With the holidays coming up, this makes the book the perfect gift for any Disney fan on your list.

Father’s Day Gift for Disney Dad? Look No Further!


Father’s Day is less than two weeks away. If you have a Disney Dad in your family that you still need to shop for, may I recommend my book Dispatch From Disneyland as the perfect gift. It’s full of stories, essays, and interesting facts about the Happiest Place on Earth that will keep Dad, and the rest of the family, entertained while dreaming of that next trip to Walt’s park.

Print and Kindle editions of Dispatch from Disneyland are available on Amazon. For those who prefer to read books on their iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, a tablet, or on their personal computer or laptop, a special ebook edition is also available for download. All three versions are easily deliverable by Father’s Day. The Kindle or the digital edition can be downloaded in 5 minutes and you’re ready to go.

Your purchase of my book for yourself or others goes a long way to support The Disney Blog. I thank you for your support.

The Matterhorn


On every childhood trip the Frost family took to Disneyland, we played a game involving who would spot The Matterhorn first. That experience is what inspired my essay Landmarks on the Road to Disneyland. It is one of 28 stories and essays in “Dispatch from Disneyland” that are meant to help you relive a bit of the magic you feel when at a Disney theme park, even if you are many miles away.

You could be enjoying these heart-felt stories and essays on your tablet or mobile device in just a few moments when you download the special edition eBook. If you want a print or kindle version, it is also available on Amazon.

Take a Magical Spin Through Disneyland


Take a spin through the Magical World of Disneyland in “Dispatch from Disneyland.” I wrote most of the stories and essays while visiting Walt’s park. (You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to type while on the teacups 🙂 ). I think it helped me deliver the intimate, you are there, feel that many reviewers have remarked upon.

You could be enjoying these heart-felt stories and essays on your mobile device in just a few moments when you download the special edition eBook. Still want the print or kindle version? It is also available on Amazon.

Did you know?

Part of Dispatch from Disneyland is learning something about Disneyland that you may not have already known. There’s a whole section on ‘Elements of Magic’ that includes some of the interesting facts behind the theme park and the rich detail that I believe makes Disneyland a superior theme park experience.

Here are two samples you might encounter inside the book.

dyk-ad-monorail dispatch-dyk-ad-wallDid you know either of those interesting facts from “Dispatch from Disneyland” and the Happiest Place on Earth?