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Part of Dispatch from Disneyland is learning something about Disneyland that you may not have already known. There’s a whole section on ‘Elements of Magic’ that includes some of the interesting facts behind the theme park and the rich detail that I believe makes Disneyland a superior theme park experience.

Here are two samples you might encounter inside the book.

dyk-ad-monorail dispatch-dyk-ad-wallDid you know either of those interesting facts from “Dispatch from Disneyland” and the Happiest Place on Earth?

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The very first parade I ever saw at Disneyland was the 1970 Fantasy on Parade. Of course, I was not even a year old yet. But I was there and my family took these photos, so it counts. I love how everyone is standing right in the street.

In honor of this week’s premiere of Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom, St. Patrick’s Day, and, last but not at all least, my mom’s birthday, I’m slicing 50% off the price of the special edition eBook of “Dispatch from Disneyland” through the holiday weekend*.

For just $5.00 you can have 29 touching stories and informative essays about the Happiest Place on Earth in a special PDF format which you can read on nearly any mobile device or your laptop or desktop computer. Print it out if you want, but read it digitally and the trees, and I, will thank you.

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First Review Is In


Many thanks to Bryan Pugh at the fantastic DisneylandLive website for posting the very first posted review of “Dispatch from Disneyland.” He definitely caught on to how I intended the book to be a way to quickly escape into that magic you feel at Disneyland, even when you only have a few moments of downtime. Bryan’s website features an amazing collection of Disneyland photographs that he has licensed for non-commercial use (with attribution) via a creative commons license. Definitely go check them out.

There was actually a second review this week. My friends at LaughingPlace.com recommended the book to the listeners of their podcast. Like their amazing website, the LPP covers subjects ranging across the wide world of Disney. It features four very knowledgeable hosts and the sort of witty banter that makes the long podcast entertaining throughout. I only wish they did them more often.

Finally, guess what arrived! The first printed editions of the book. If you were a Kickstarter supporter, please make sure I have your shipping address (check your email in Mid-Feb for instructions), so I can fulfill your rewards level.

Press Release

If you’re looking for a way to help me spread the news about Dispatch from Disneyland you can feel free to use this Press Release as a starting point. It would be a big help if you would share the news about the book on your blog, social media channels, or on your favorite Disney forums.

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Announcing “Dispatch From Disneyland” New Book of Touching Stories and Essays From The Happiest Place on Earth by Author of The Disney Blog

February 28, 2014 (Anaheim, CA) – Dispatch From Disneyland is a collection of stories, essays, and interesting facts written for fans of any age who love any of Walt Disney’s magical theme parks, but don’t have the good fortune of visiting the park as often as they wish.

Inspired by the park that Walt built, Dispatch from Disneyland takes readers on a “you are there” emotional journey to Disneyland via the power of story. Each “dispatch” is meant to bring the reader to a place that reminds them of the magic they feel when at the park themselves.

“Dispatch From Disneyland: Stories and Essays From The Happiest Place on Earth” is available in Print, Kindle, and iPad friendly and mobile device special edition eBook.

The book’s author, John Frost, owns and writes The Disney Blog (TheDisneyBlog.com), the first blog to cover the entirety of The Walt Disney Company, past and present. John’s grandfather joined Walt Disney’s team of Imagineers in 1954 and helped carve Disneyland out of Southern California Citrus Groves. John’s love for Disneyland sprouted from his family’s yearly road trips from Portland, Oregon to experience Walt’s park. When John thought about writing a book, Disneyland seemed the natural subject.

Dispatch from Disneyland is John’s love letter to The Happiest Place on Earth. The collection of short stories, essays, and interesting facts will make you laugh, cry, learn, and most of all wish you were at Disneyland right now.

Learn more about the book or download the special edition eBook at http://DispatchFromDisneyland.com
Also available on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/1mc2WUu