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Take a Magical Spin Through Disneyland


Take a spin through the Magical World of Disneyland in “Dispatch from Disneyland.” I wrote most of the stories and essays while visiting Walt’s park. (You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to type while on the teacups 🙂 ). I think it helped me deliver the intimate, you are there, feel that many reviewers have remarked upon.

You could be enjoying these heart-felt stories and essays on your mobile device in just a few moments when you download the special edition eBook. Still want the print or kindle version? It is also available on Amazon.

Interior Pages Now Available for Preview

interior pagesBig news on the book listing front. Amazon just upgraded the listing for Dispatch from Disneyland print edition. It now includes an 18 page preview. The Kindle edition has always had preview pages available. And up above is a brief look at the inside at a few of the upgraded pages the special edition ebook.

Your purchase of Dispatch from Disneyland, in any format, really means a lot to me right now. I thank you for your support.